Who Is Leo Petrik?


Back in early 1977, when I was almost 22 (yes I am that old), I stumbled upon this thing called ‘networking’. I didn’t know it at the time, but that moment changed my life. I know that statements like that belong on those cheesy, ‘Buy my $12,000 training program’ sites (don’t worry I’m not selling anything more than a membership course), but it is actually true.


Within a few months of attending these business get-togethers, I was starting to build my personal confidence (I was an extremely shy person… what the heck was I doing in sales), but it was all impacting positively on my work; I was hooked. I learned so much from the experience that ‘networking’… connecting and communicating with business people became a passion.


Over the years as I read articles, books, watched and studied great connectors and relationship builder’s, my own personal skills began to grow (boy, I wish I had had a mentor back then, it would have saved a lot of time).


Unfortunately, I discovered that most people didn’t share the same passion for learning as I had, and although they attended numerous business functions the results they were achieving were very poor.


So what started out as a hobby became a lifestyle choice. I developed a passion for helping others become better connectors, communicators and relationship builder’s, so that they could also have the successes that I was enjoying.


About International Business Connections (IBC)


Building strong, resilient, capable businesses requires brilliant marketing solutions, strong support networks and cutting-edge strategies.

When you really want to learn about leadership, marketing, business growth and building real relationships that matter, you have to engage with the experiences of the people who are doing it every day.


Entrepreneurs who push the boundaries of how to effectively build brands, promote companies, position organisations and build solid relationships for success use the tools available today.


This is what IBC is all about… Clever Marketing, Great Connections, Strong Relationships, Business Support, and Education.


The beauty of the business world we now find ourselves in means that… smart business people share their knowledge, their ideas and their experiences, so those who are hungry enough can learn from them and apply that learning to their business.  The future of business rests in strong unified alliances and the application of proven strategies.


The author of Never Eat Alone and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time, Keith Ferrazzi, (click on the link for an Executive Summary of Keith’s book), is living proof of the power of authentic and honest relationship building in his professional and personal communities.  His is a different view that is valuable for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leaders and marketers alike.


IBC will help you find a comfortable way to build a support network around yourself in business and become more successful.


As part of the IBC community, your business will win.


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