Is Social Media Working For You?



One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the almost oppressive, time wasting inevitability of social media.


“Experts” would have us believe that you can use social media exclusively to deliver a significant ROI for our businesses.


I believe a lot of businesses have discovered that that is like building a house of matchsticks rather than a house of bricks and mortar to underpin a businesses success.



Yes, I believe social media is important, but all aspects of social media are simply tools in a greater marketing strategy. A recent article Lon Safco, This Is What Comes After Social Media, explains in great detail how social media can actually work for businesses.




Social media and its components now and in the future are here to stay. We as businesses have a huge responsibility in finding a balance between social media use, traditional marketing implementation and appropriate time investment, for our success, because, our success will have a huge impact on the communities around us.


There is no such thing as a Social Media Expert…. the landscape changes so much and so fast… no one can keep up, so find what might work for you and work with someone who has had measurable success in your chosenĀ social media arena/s.

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