Welcome to International Business Connections (IBC)


Welcome to the future… welcome to a future that encourages collaboration, cooperation, conversation, communication, cooperative growth and community.


Feel free to check out our website… you will find blog posts, articles and information about who we are and what we do as a community to help you solve your business problems.  To help you create trusted mentor teams and assist you in achieving the results and the successes you would like to  accomplish for yourself, your business and your community.


As the future unfolds the majority of our activity will be through our events as we grow connected Business Units throughout the community.


Our purpose is not just about helping individual businesses… it is about helping our communities at large…


IBC is about “Reconnecting The Heart of The Community”, one successful business at a time… and we do that by connecting with the right people and helping them set up self-managed mastermind groups whose sole purpose is to solve ALL business issues and challenges for our participating members.


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Welcome again and we look forward to staying in touch with you through our community here, on Facebook and LinkedIn.